In 2017, we will have MORE food!

Fancy some Mexican food? You have to taste our great Nachos and Burritos!

Or what about our fantastic Chicken or Vegie Curries, Asian goodies such as sushi, spring rolls, chicken teriyaki, Pork Rolls, Pancakes and a new addition the Pulled Pork Rolls (yum!) and Nourish Bowls.

And don’t forget the BBQ for favourites such as sausages and delicious steak sandwiches.

 We cater for the meatlover and the non meatlover in our SkyBlaze community.

And we have DRINKS!

Slushies, Spiders, Coffee (from our great coffee vans).

There are also the fair favourites such as fairy floss, popcorn and pick up a cake or sweet from our great Cake Stall (St Peter’s has some great bakers!)